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About Our Hardtops

Hard to Top boat hardtops are custom made for each boat's specifications and are attached to the boat's existing bimini frame or other structures. The ultra-light polycarbonate sheets and aluminum framing add little weight to any vessel, an important consideration. Adding side curtains or panels is easy. Hard to Top provides a unique pre-measured Keder slide attachment that installs on the hardtop, making adding side curtains just as easy as installing the top.

Once the pieces arrive, cut to the owner's specifications, one simply has to take them out of the shipping carton, assemble them panel by panel on their framework and attach with the included stainless fasteners. The average hardtop can be installed by a boating couple in one Saturday afternoon.

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See Your Boat

Visit our Photos page to search for a picture of a boat like yours in our gallery of hundreds of pictures of finished hardtops.

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Learn to Measure

Learn how to measure your boat and framework for the perfect fit.

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Hardtop install Video

See how easy it is to intall our boat hardtops.

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See the Difference

Check out our side-by-side comparison to see the differences between our Standard and Premier hardtop systems.

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How To Install

Read our installation instructions and see how easy it is to install a Hard To Top hardtop yourself.