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Measuring Sheet


Premier Top Assembly


AAV Special Assembly


Keder Installation


LED Installation


Support Strap Install



Can it withstand highway type speeds?

As long as your Bimini is mounted using steel fittings rather than plastic fittings then the top shouldn't have any problem being towed up to 55-60 miles per hour.

Can I stand on it?

It depends on the strength of the existing Bimini frame. We cannot recommend you stand on it regularly, but if the frame is strong enough it is possible to get on top to reach/fix/clean things without it caving in.

Can I use my existing full enclosure with it?

Yes! However, you will have to have your canvas altered to accommodate the keder system we use for canvas curtains. For more information please view the keder section of our features page at

How easy is this to install?

Very! On average it takes 4-8 hours to install. We include instructions whenever a top is shipped out. The most you should require is Basic tools, a power drill, 10-24 tap, and maybe a friend. For more information please download our installation documents. Or view the blog written by a one of our customers on how they installed it.

Can I use my existing frame?

Yes. Our Hard To Top boat hardtops mount directly on top of your existing frame, but we do make bimini supports. If you do not already have some sort of support system we'd be more than happy to help you acquire one. To view more information about our bimini frameworks please visit our features page at

What's an overhang?

An overhang is any extra length fore and/or aft of the Bimini. If you'd like any overhang just add it to the current length of your top.

What Is PCSS?

Hot Technology | Cool Daylight

Advanced Polycarbonate Performance | Aesthetics

Polycarbonate Structured Sheet (PCSS)

The translucent technology in today's polycarbonate structured sheet (PCSS) brings you advantages in performance and aesthetics.

  • Unlimited design flexibility
  • Unprecedented aesthetic possibilities
  • Upgrades, updates your boat
  • Shatterproof security and safety
  • Minimal glare and solar gain
  • Improved occupant comfort

  • -Structural capacities maintain integrity in greater spans
    -Higher light transmission with reduced solar loads
    -Cool, diffused light quality that's exceptionally usable and user-friendly
    -Coextruded UV protection against discoloration

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